Hall history

Dear Fair Oakers,

Our hardworking previous Secretary, Wendy Borrill, wrote a few years ago that she had...

"hoped to put together enough information to provide a brief history of the village hall. However, our archive is not well organised and the random snippets of information I have gleaned so far are interesting but insufficient to form a proper and accurate picture of how the hall had grown and developed over the years.

It seems to me that the history of a village hall should be a simple matter of fact and the best way of arriving at that is through the people who have been a part of the history or spectators as the history developed.

I can piece together the origins of the first village hall, a wooden hut situated where Lawrence Court now stands in Fair Oak Road. There is a brief account, written by Conrad Walling, of the transition from that hut to the present building, and the generosity of the Parish Council in helping to facilitate that transition is recorded by the framed £1 note and citation pictured on this website.

I will be continuing to research and write the history. I know some of the people who were trustees during the early days of the charity and am hoping to make contact. If you played a part or have a tale to tell about our hall please get in touch. You can email information.

We look forward to hearing your stories and memories."

If you have any stories or information about Fair Oak Village Hall, please contact the Village Hall Office by emailing fairoakvillagehall@btconnect.com, or call 023 8060 2282.